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Safety is priority one.

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We are committed to making this the safest place in the Port to visit and work.

Ports America Chesapeake is working hard toward making this a very safe environment to visit. To help us accomplish that goal, we ask that visitors to our terminal take safety seriously too. The Terminal is involved in an intense effort to control traffic and ensure an injury free site. In doing so we have just a few procedures that need to be followed:

General Rules

  • Safety is our Main Concern, please make it yours. Speed limit is 15 mph. Stop at all intersections and give the right away to any/all Pedestrians.
  • While in any Ports America Chesapeake building, please take note of the posted Fire Exits and Fire Assembly areas, and observe the No Smoking policy.

Ports America Chesapeake is in the process of reviewing the safety aspects of our daily operation. Due to increased traffic in the port, we have identified a few constant problems that may lead to pedestrian accidents or death. We communicate daily to our workers and would like to share with our trucking customers some of the ways to decrease the chances of safety related incidents. For more information on how Ports America Chesapeake is working to keep Ports America Chesapeake the safest terminal, please visit our Safety Site.

1. P.P.E. for drivers: we suggest that drivers wear colored vests, safety glasses and steel toed shoes if possible
2. Obey the speed laws, 15 mph at all times in terminal
3. Obey and stop at stop signs
4. Get out of truck when in grid when receiving/delivering container.
6. Walk within the designated painted lines for pedestrians
7. Park containers and/or chassis in area designated by terminal

Passenger vehicles

  • Proper ID to be shown to security guard prior to entering parking lot.
  • No personal vehicles are permitted in the Container Yard.
  • Please park your vehicle in the Visitors Parking Area located in front of the administration building, off Calcutta Street by the truck entry area
  • Be aware of traffic while walking to the administration building.
  • Take care when exiting the parking area, as heavy traffic moves along Calcutta Street.

Contractor Vehicles

  • If you need to enter the Terminal Yard, you must check in with the management of Ports America Chesapeake for an escort.
  • No contractor vehicle may enter the Straddle area under any circumstances.
  • When driving near the machines, make sure the operators know you are present before you drive behind them. Control Room must be notified prior to entering any part of the field.


  • Speed limit is 15 mph. Stop at all intersections, obey all posted signs, and give the right away to any/all Pedestrians.
  • No Passengers are permitted to Enter Ports America Chesapeake with the Truck Driver. This especially applies to children of any age. Ports America Chesapeake will and reserves the right to turn away any Trucker who violates this Rule.
  • While in the Terminal yard, you must stay in your truck, unless otherwise instructed.
  • When parked in the Straddle Grid area, you must exit the truck and stand in the marked safety zone - a three foot yellow circle near your front left fender
  • When driving near the machines, make sure the operators know you are present before you drive behind them.
  • Use of cellular telephones within the Terminal Yard is strictly forbidden
  • When exiting the yard, take care of the traffic moving on Calcutta Street.
  • Truckers, while on the Terminal, please keep your head lights on for SAFETY". This will help all of us.

Straddle Carrier Operations have begun

You may see large machines around our yard. These are Straddle Carriers. Under our safety policies, the Terminal will operate similar to an airfield. The same rules will apply concerning access to the Straddle carrier Area. It is simple: No one is permitted in the Straddle Carrier Area! No vehicles are permitted in the Straddle Field!

If you are a contractor, you will only gain access if cleared with our central control room, located in the Administration building, and be escorted while in the area. Here at Ports America Chesapeake we regard the straddle carrier area as a secure location, and this policy is nonnegotiable.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


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